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A soft answer turneth away wrath;
but a grievous word
stirreth up anger.

- Proverbs 15:1

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Saturday, November 29, 2014


The image you are seeing   is  littered with waste pamphlets on a busy Delhi Metro station. It is not a visual feast to see   obsessively, rather the sorry state of affairs of a city whose citizenry must awake from the slumber.

On one side, the government is on missionary mode to clean India under Swatch Bharat Abhiyan, but  no change seems to be apparent in the behaviour of some folks. This metro station reflects our loathness and just imagine how foreigners visiting this city  as a tourists perceive this behavior.

I am a resident of Delhi for the last 4 years. Wherever I  visit public conveniences (toilets/ wash rooms)  I   find many of them in  shabby conditions unless it is a paid service. The roads, subways and staircases are with paan spits making a nightmare for anybody. 

You can write tomes if you move out on Delhi roads.  In some way, our villages and small cities are much better and  decent in cleanliness. I can't understand why we have a different approach when it comes to cleanliness ? Nobody could tolerate  littering their own living spaces, but some people are accustomed  to  simply throw the dust just outside their homes thinking that  it is not theirs. Majority of us think that outside our homes come under jurisdiction of municipality and cleanliness of that area is not our  look out !  What the Swatch Bharat Abhiyan is trying to change this notion !

Apart from cleanliness,  responsible driving is also an important factor on crowded city roads.  But the city is a walker's nightmare. In October 2013, Sunita Narain, an environmentalist was injured in a road accident while cycling near the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi on a leisurely Sunday morning.  In fact,  she was going to Lodhi Garden from her house in Green Park and when she reached near the AIIMS flyover, a speeding car rammed her cycle from behind. Eye witnesses said that due to the impact, she fell and her face hit the ground and she began bleeding profusely from her nose. The shocking note  is the car driver did not stop and luckily the occupant of another car had taken her to hospital and saved her life. 

A couple of my friends met with road accidents and fractured their bones not due to their negligence but due to rash driving of others. There seems to be no respect for walkers and two wheeler riders come next. By seeing the spate of accidents, I abandoned the idea of using my two wheeler to commute to my  office and sold it off !

Another point that needs to be seriously pondered is decency of public behavior.   Both educated and uneducated/ semi-educated behave in the same way. You could convince yourself with my notion when you see the second image on the right side. Here the tale is again the same. No responsible behavour while using public transport. The maddening crowd tried to jostle into already crowded  train and the door sensors  helplessly made continue beep sounds.  The locomotive pilot was forced to halt the train till such time the doors are closed which delayed another train to come.

Everybody wants to go first whether there is urgency or not.  Such behaviour seems to have distilled into their DNA.  But myself, an odd-man out  coolly stand behind such mindless crowd and wait for my turn,  hopefully in the less-crowded train !


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