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A soft answer turneth away wrath;
but a grievous word
stirreth up anger.

- Proverbs 15:1

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014


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The other day night, when I was returning home after shopping with  family, our auto stopped at a signal post and a boy pierced through the clogged vehicles and approached us with a bunch of books for sale which include Chetan Bhagat's latest novel "Half GirlFriend".  Though, I am not fond of fictions, I casually asked the boy what was the  price of Chetan's best seller.  His answer was crisp Rs.150/-  I bargained him to give it for Rs.100/- which he readily accepted and put the book on my lap.

We reached  home and I scanned the book randomly and found the book pirated. My amusement evaporated in a fraction of second.  The book's low-quality paper and ink stains ached my heart.

Welcome to the world of pirated products.  You get pirated versions in all categories of products.   It is very easy to find branded products at a throwaway  prices in all the markets in India. You can deceive others by using pirated branded products but what to say to your  heart ?    It is an open secret that  Ray Ban sunglasses are sold  at Rs.250/- only  in any market in Delhi.  Majority of folks don't feel offended with such pirated products and they purchase and give a false pomp and show. 

Pirated movie business is another big mess in front of us.  A group of people were caught recently in Andhra Pradesh  when they were  found producing pirated copies of  latest Tamil movie 'Linga'.   Most of the VCDs/ DVDs are pirated versions which are being sold fearlessly on the roads in all places  and it is a thriving business. 

The problem is more serious in software world.   I think, only 10 -20 % might be using  licensed version of Windows on their computers and around 80% bank upon pirated versions. Microsoft already recognized this fact and it is time for them  to offer licensed verion at affordable price  so that the end-customer would be adequately convinced of  taking it with added layers of protection online. 

The revolution should  first come in people.  When they discourage such substandard products/pirated versions, the people who indulge in such wrongdoing  stop doing that.  Let us swear not to purchase any pirated products and  my experience of  purchasing  a pirated version of Chetan's book  rebooted my whole perspective  and now I am a transformed soul !  

1 comment:

  1. Oh My God, I was not at all aware that even books are being pirated :) Shocking news for me...



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