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- Proverbs 15:1

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Thursday, December 25, 2014


cow lesson
Phto courtesy : Eenadu - Telugu Newspaper dt 25.12.2014
There was a time when water  is freely available everywhere for domestic use. But the scenario has changed dramatically now.   The water tables are now fast drying up due to uncontrollable urbanization. The other reason is bad management of water resources and also not being able to properly manage the rain water.

Inspite of scarcity of potable water in major pockets of urban and rural India, still the water is being wasted due to bad management  of  supply systems/taps.  In my office, where I am working, the overhead tank always overflows  thereby the drinking water silently goes to sewage.   If you audit the washroom taps in public places, many of them have loose knobs thereby water is being leaked uncontrollably. The same is the case with railway coaches.

It is simply not the mechanical fault of taps, but a behavioural deficiency. At countless instances, myself closed the flowing taps.

When, we as humans don't act with responsibility, it is the turn of animals to teach us  lessons.

The image you are seeing above is taken by a prominent Telugu Daily : Eenadu's Cuttack reporter and published  today (25.12.2014).

As per the news item, at Cuttack's Mission Road, one cow has acted so strangely  by approaching the opened tap on the road side, drank water from it, and after that turned off its knob with its horns.  A man being amused by its act, again opened the tap, but the cow diligently  went to the tap and turned off the tap again to his utter bewilderment. 

When an animal shows this much wisdom while using the precious water, it is time for us to learn lessons from this holy cow ! 

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